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Saturday, 27 December 2008, 17:15
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don’t rely on Fox News right now, folks.  here’s the headline:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip —  The White House issued a statement blaming Hamas for the Israeli air strikes on Gaza that killed hundreds of Palestinians in the bloodiest day there in decades.

(or maybe, just don’t rely on the u.s. government…in case you haven’t heard…)

for coverage of the current upsurge in Israeli/Palestinian violence,


check out:

al jezeera english

the guardian

the international herald tribune

democracy now

and if you must have domestic,  the new york times isn’t half-bad these days.


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Is this supposed to be a joke? Al Jazeera…really? Incidentally, Hamas had been launching rockets into Israel over the past several days and were warned to cut it out. What would you have them do, sit there and take it?

Comment by Anon

yes, “anon,” ¡just kidding! hundreds dead as a “reprisal” for homemade rockets really is a joke. it’s the biggest explosion in decades, in a place known for explosions–¡ha!
you know what’s in the dictionary under “collective punishment”? “gaza”! ¡ha ha! sorry, but i just can’t stop.

Comment by vastate

The fact you think Al Jazeera is a credible news source really IS a joke. I guess you trust state-run TV out of Havana, Tehran, and Pyongyang too?
And as for the hundreds dead, Hamas was attacking Israel were they not? They were warned to stop, were they not? Again I ask, what is Israel supposed to do? Hire Obama to charm them into submission, like he’s going to do for us?

Comment by anon

By the way, you missed this earlier headline on FoxNews’ website: Bloodiest Day For Palestinians in Twenty Years.

Comment by anon

Truth be told, Al Jazeera is a much more credible news source than tabloid TV like FauxNews. That is why its marginalized in the West.You know, Bush is spending his last remaining days as pres giving executive gifts to his supporters.Maybe this is a gift from Israel back to bush. Thanking him for hating all things Muslim,thanking him for instability in the Middle East, thanking him for billions of dollars in military aid, and more likely, thanking bush for his efforts by making Obama’s first few months in office that much tougher.

Comment by thevalleyprogressive

[…] joke of a video bridges me from time-wasting, ¡to joking!  as a certain fellow (¿or she-fellow?) pointed out (christian name: “anon”), many people have an impression that al jazeera is some kind […]

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