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Sunday, 28 December 2008, 3:13
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with just days to spare, i think tim dechristopher made a strong effort for trickster-of-the-year.  this guy somehow managed to get in as a bidder on a bureau of land management auction of drilling rights to southern utah land.  tim drove up prices on thousands of acres, then ¡bought 22,000 acres’ rights himself!

not too shabby for a regular university of utah student (& gutsy environmentalist).

he spoke with amy goodman on democracy now! last week about his action and subsequent arrest.  & this, from tim’s blog:

What I have learned since then is that America is still a place where when you stand for what is right, you never stand alone. I can now see that I acted together with all Americans who respect the right as much as the law. I stood with Thoreau, Adams, Parks and Bob Moses. I now stand with the thousands who have expressed their solidarity with my act and will join me in Washington DC on March 2nd for the Capitol Climate Action.


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amy goodman also wrote a column about tim last week.

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