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-of music in 2008, postscript by vastate
Sunday, 28 December 2008, 3:52
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an honorable mention for my top 10 of the year list (the new 6 & the old 4):

johnwayneoscar’s mad: fight songs & paper girls

since we wrote, performed, & recorded this ep, my informed opinion should carry some major weight: this is a great record.  a must-own.  (we at the state are fond of the cover art, as well.)

…anyway, we (samuel joseph, jason summer, and johan grimsrud) finished recording the music, mixed it w/ matt doctor at bear creek studios, mastered it w/ chris hanzsek, put the package together, and toured through the southwest in the depths of summer.  ¡voilá!

no word on upcoming oscar’s mad shows, but jason & johan’s band preacher will be playing at harrisonburg’s blue nile with the wading girl and other musicians on wed., jan 21.


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