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-of music in 2008; mild winter by jgrimsrud
Sunday, 4 January 2009, 7:55
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i want to preface this by saying that mild winter has ¡two! 2008 releases, feb’s a wanderer’s home and nov’s postcards & letters,

both of which should be on anyone’s short list, local or no, for 2008.

i asked ben schlabach about his and mild winter bandmates’ (melanie and nik) favorite records of the year.  & this is what they said:

we each did our top three things to listen to in 2008, and a sub category for some awesome local releases that came out this year. I was pretty excited about music in harrisonburg this year, not an over abundance of local bands, but a lot of solid local shows at different places around town, and alot of the local bands put something new out, or are working on getting something together for early 2009.

-Magnetic Fields – Holiday
-Birdlips – Cardboard Wings
-Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

-Austin Lucas – Common Cold
-the Everybodyfields – Nothing is Okay
-Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas – Bristle Ridge

-coming soon

Some of the wonderful local releases of 2008
-The Brooms – Pull Out His Eyes
-Valkyrie – Man of Two Visions
-Savage Land – Honor Among Thieves


very nice–¡thank you mild winter!


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