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-of music in 2008; angelo spencer by jgrimsrud
Friday, 16 January 2009, 10:55
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i asked my friend ange, of olympia wa, for his music obsessions of the year.  ange is a one-man-band (angelo spencer) from annecy, france, who plays a bass drum, high hat, a guitar he’s owned all his life, & noisy effect boxes.  he sings about space ships, friends, and hazil atkins.

¡& he wins you over!–i wondered if the folks at earwax records in brooklyn were listening when they stocked a huge hazil atkins section in their shop.

so, here’s what ange had to say about listening to music in 2008:

everything by Jonathan Richman (by the way he played in Olympia and that was geniusly beautiful yes sir, whatever that means)
Earth “hibernaculum”
woelv “tout seul dans la foret en plein jour, avez vous peur?”
arrington de dyoniso “I see beyond the black sun”
Karl Blau “nature’s got away”
Yma Sumac “legend of the jivaro”
The devil’s anvil “Hard rock from the middle east”
Bismillah Khan
Lata Mangeshkar
Mohammed Rafi
Spike Jones
1970’s algerian proto-rai underground
Group Doueh “Guitar music from the western Sahara”
Group Inerane “music from Agadez”

Choubi Choubi! Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq
Orchestre regional de kayes
the Maytals
Keith Stewart “Take me back to jamaica”
Mount eerie “black wooden ceiling opening”
Danyel Gerard “youpi ya tamoure”
Rodrigo Barreno Y su banda “asi se goza” cuchara de palo”

Rita Pavone “cuore”

Serge Gainsbourg” L’homme a la tete de choux”
Love is Love “compilation mississippi records”

Oh man that’s already a lot, i could 50 more!!!

¡thanks, ange!  the choubi choubi cover art is nearly the best ever, i do believe.  and the mount eerie website would make any indie graphic artist swoon and drool.  we’ll look forward to the next 50…


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rita pavone is a favorite of eli pablo here in our house…”my name is potato…” can it get any better?

Comment by jhumphrey

[…] angelo spencer’s […]

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