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Saturday, 17 January 2009, 18:47
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there is a beautiful new publication all about “celebrating the food culture of central virginia, season by season” floating around.  it’s called edible blue ridge.


i gravitated towards it at last night’s Downtown Wine & Gourmet wine tasting…

this is why it is so spectacular:

1.) it is proudly focused on local food – as opposed to only featuring such ideas as neat sidenotes, a letter to the editor, or an infrequent interview.

2.) the graphic design is FANTASTIC.  this is what blew me away.  this area is hurting in the graphic design department.  our local publications and businesses just can’t quite gather together the funds or talent to really get it right.  but this little rag could stand on it’s own in any artistic climate – be it harrisonburg, charlottesville, nyc, or london.  well done!

3.) the articles – all of them – are uniformly well-written and – gasp! – interesting.  like i would BUY this if it weren’t FREE.

4.) did you catch that last bit?  it’s FREE.

5.) it’s excellent for the local community business.  after just a brief parousing of the pages – i had set in my mind to finally check out gearhart’s chocolate in c’ville,


actually get around to stopping by blue mountain brewery,


and felt a rise of pride that i frequent and am in the know about T&E’s Meat Market hidden right here in Harrisonburg.


read more about area local eating in a USA weekend article from edible‘s editor, natalie ermann russell here.  (THIS IS A LINK ACTUALLY WORTH CLICKING, people)

so my suggestion is for the folks who have been slowly and with questionable success, trying to jump start the excellent idea that is the Friendly City Food Co-Op, to go to the editors and publishers of edible and a.) ask for a feature story ASAP and b.) ask for some advice.


maybe it’s already happened.  and i readily admit almost complete ignorance on the inner-workings of the would-be co-op, but edible seems like a fantastically put-together, professional, and successful venture in the same vein and inspiration as Friendly City.   i would love to be so-inspired by the ongoing work and PROGRESS of the food co-op.  these are obviously radically different projects, but it seems that the supporters of both could be one and the same.

i keep writing somewhat hysterical Friendly City Food Co-Op posts in hopes that someone so affiliated will get annoyed and finally tell us what the deal is.  i know you’re out there – because some of my friends are very much involved and passionate about this project.

so – could someone let us know the scoop?  a real scoop?

something inspiring.  or perhaps spill some angry secrets regarding the hold-up that will be immediately action-inducing.  i’m asking you to throw caution to the wind, because the word on the street (yes, i am purposefully rumor-spreading) is that everyone is suspicious that nothing is happening and nothing will happen.  and that prospect makes me furious and disappointed and capable of calling for action and explanation.

because this project can and should go on to be crazy successful.  a downtown center for local food inspiration, community meeting, and worthy of a proud cover-page feature story in edible blue ridge.


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[…] russell ,very kindly pointed out my gigantic oversight after i contacted her to tell her about my previous post and suggest a story about Friendly […]

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There’s another VA food publication that readers might be interested in:

Flavor Magazine

Flavor mag focuses on the Piedmont region of VA. Some articles are available online–e.g. this piece by Joel Salatin

Comment by Josh

thanks for the heads up…i’ll check these out.

Comment by vastate

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