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– of edible corrections. by vastate
Saturday, 17 January 2009, 21:15
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would you believe that the two most important pages of my issue of edible were stuck together ? 


i do have a two year old with a thing for jam living in my house…

anyway.  there IS a LOVELY article about both the Friendly City Food Co-op and a similar Staunton venture, Valley Market, on pages 10 & 11 of the newest and premier issue of edible blue ridge.

edible‘s editor, natalie ermann russell ,very kindly pointed out my gigantic oversight after i contacted her to tell her about my previous post and suggest a story about Friendly City. 

she is WAY ahead of me.  and she is nice to me.  which make me like this whole edible blue ridge business even more…

so – everyone go get that magazine and read it.  here’s the real cover for identification purposes (i found my copy at Downtown Food and Wine and i saw a big stack outside of Court Square Theater):


i still believe everything i said about the co-op in my past post and i still want more information.  but i am excited to see some news in print.  

maybe i’ll play devil’s advocate in another post and question whether the co-op model is feasible in this community.  (gasp!  i said “devil’s advocate”…)

but, thanks for the kind correction, natalie!  and lovely article – again, well done.


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I agree, it’s a beautiful magazine, and am thrilled to have it (and I also agree, the graphic design is superior to most). Does it bother anyone that it’s not actually local? It’s produced by edibleCommunities, who does similar publications for edibleSeattle, edibleJersey, edibleTwinCities, etc, etc. I don’t know how I feel about that – but I’d love to know more about how their business model works – do they setup regional offices? Or is someone writing about the Blue Ridge from, say, San Diego? Interesting.

Comment by wellmet

this is exactly the comment that i was hoping for…this question of beautiful and sustainable vs. shoddy and with questionable future or corporate supported and financed vs. locally supported and financed. it links back into my “is a co-op sustainable and worth it” question in an area with little large-scale wealth or wide scale enthusiasm for organic/local foods. more in another post…

Comment by vastate

i’ll also see if natalie can answer some of your above questions. i am also curious. i get the feeling that the folks editing and publishing are local, but are funded by a wider organization with access to big-name advertising and support (i.e. the large whole foods ad on the back cover)

Comment by vastate

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