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Monday, 19 January 2009, 18:06
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even before i could shoot off a questioning email, natalie ermann russell from edible blue ridge:


sent me a note saying she has been parousing the reader comments on our past two posts about her magazine.  she wanted to explain the very local structure of the publication.  here goes:

Hi, Jill. I just happened to read the comments from your readers on
your blog about us and wanted to clarify the whole question about if
we are local.

Just to ease your mind, we are indeed a local publication–locally
owned and operated, out of our Charlottesville home (my office is in
the playroom; my husband’s is in our bedroom). We are also part of a national
network of  magazines called Edible Communities–a great
example of a grassroots movement because we’re each independent but
able to rely on each other for “been there done that” experience. It’s
sort of like how the Friendly City Food Co-op is relying on the
national organization to get them started with their
food co-op.

Because we are local, we meet the people and visit the places we write
about (my husband Steve went to Harrisonburg twice just for the T&E
meats story). Steve (who is also the publisher) sold that Whole Foods
ad himself (even though they’re a national company, they do carry a
lot of local products and have a local advertising budget).

Anyway, all this is to say, we are about as local as they come–and
proud of it! As always, let me know if you have any further questions.
We love to see interest and excitement about local foods!

brooklyncover chicago bostoncover austincover bozeman

alright!  i stand by my original enthusiasm about this fantastic new publication.  and i have even gained some respect for the giant that is Whole Foods.  (although i confess that i have a long-standing secret obsession with the body product and produce aisles…)


again.  i wonder if a similar structure of large corporate benefactors, large donors, and a sub-systems of small amount supporters would be more realistic for bringing sustainable local food on a large scale to harrisonburg.

i can’t believe that no one is furious at me for suggesting such things…but i really am curious and interested in starting a good conversation on the topic.  i also hope that current, lively discussion regarding the Friendly City Food Co-op will keep it’s mission alive and it’s supporters alert, motivated, and ACTIVE.



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Thanks (and thanks to Natalie!) for the explanation in response to my previous questions – that makes a lot of sense. (And I did subscribe to edibleBlueRidge after your last post.)
And, as a member of the Friendly City Food Co-Op, I don’t think your idea about large donors and local supporters is ridiculous at all.


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