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– of pssst. downtown books. by vastate
Friday, 30 January 2009, 17:08
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i stopped by your store a few weeks ago.


eager to have a look around.

i have a healthy addiction to used bookstores.   and i like this store.  a lot.


that day, i stopped in at shank’s bakery for a coffee right before coming over to your place.  (they are so nicely placed next door. and many of us believe they make the best coffee in town.)


thinking that hot coffee.  used books.  rainy day.

hotcoffee +   usedbookstack +  rainy_day

all go together to make a perfect afternoon.

but i wasn’t allowed come in with my coffee.

which quickly diffused my excitement.  so i looked around for a couple of minutes, feeling miffed.

and then walked out.

with my coffee.

and i didn’t buy anything.

if i spilled, i would have to buy something.  you would make money.

you could have the cozy atmosphere i crave.

something barnes & nobel or books-a-million can never have.

so go with it.  make your customers happy.  form a cool deal with the coffee shop next door.


next time, can i bring my coffee?



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