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– of pssst. plan nine. by vastate
Friday, 30 January 2009, 17:33
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we really love you.  a lot.

but, we just stopped by today and bought a bunch of records.


and we would have bought more.


you had a vinyl listening station.

like this.  at bop street records in seattle.

like this. at bop street records in seattle.

it doesn’t look too hard.  a knock-off recliner from goodwill.  a little corner.  an old record player.

it’s these little touches that make us want to go and have a local record store experience instead of just bidding on ebay.  or downloading tracks off itunes.

just a humble hint.


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We found a new spot to buy vinyl — in New Market of all places! Go 1 mile (or a little less) from town north on Rt.11. Look to your right for a somewhat grubby place advertising a little bit of everything including Civil War memorabilia, and “The Road Kill Grill”. Had a big stand of records and plenty of (antique!) seating.

Comment by Barbra

I’m sure you already know this but they’ll order any vinyl for you no shipping charge.

Comment by David Troyer

yeah…we know. but a listening station still would be swell. particularly for the vintage vinyl.

Comment by vastate

perfect!–new market it is, then to southern kitchen to go through our loot over sweet tea & country meats!

Comment by vastate

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