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Thursday, 5 February 2009, 20:13
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so, we’ve heard rumblings about gravity lounge in c’ville having some financial issues.


this would be sad.

they’ve had some great acts recently.

…Gravity Lounge hosted songwriter Alejandro Escovedo for what was said to be a large crowd that paid between $20 and $25 for the show; the space also hosted two sold-out gigs by folk musician Bonnie “Prince” Billy last August…


and were voted “best small venue 2008” by c’ville weekly.

cvillweeklywinner1the state found out about these troubles via a mass email sent by gravity lounge manager, bill baldwin, on jan 29th.  it was addressed and sent to “friends of gravity lounge” and contained the following request:

I am asking that this email not be forwarded to any lists,
media, or press.  I don’t want a “save gravity” blip on the
radar and I certainly don’t want gravity’s financial woes to
be the talk of the town–I hope we can save gravity lounge
in the same quiet and reasonably dignified way the place
evolved.  If you know someone you think might help, please
ask for that help on my behalf, or forward this email.

so we hesitated to help one of our few beloved music venues in the best way we know how: by posting it here on the blog.

but then, c’ville weekly’s webpage had an article, complete with a phone interview from baldwin discussing the situation.  so we felt it was okay to go ahead and spread the word.  we felt a bit puzzled at the original “keep quiet” request and are happy to now do what we can to support local music.  here’s the basic jist:

“About $200,000 would allow us to pay off all of the debt and try to re-launch as a nonprofit,” said Baldwin. “Which is probably the only way such a venture is viable in the future.”

how to help (in our humble opinion):

1.)  we think that everyone should quick get tickets to see the cinnamon band with great lake swimmers play at gravity on april 13th.  here’s the dish:


04-13-2009 20:30 at Gravity Lounge w/ Great Lake Swimmers
103 S. 1st Street, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902
Cost: $8/$10

ph 434-977-5590

2.) do what baldwin suggests:

Please evaluate what the Gravity Lounge venture has been
worth to you, and what its continued availability is worth.
Please donate what your bank balance will allow.  Here
is a link to make donations that will go directly into our account:

good luck, gravity!



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