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– of niceness (blogosphere-style) & chickens. by vastate
Friday, 13 February 2009, 15:22
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thanks, [chik-uh n dik shuh n]!


we think you’re pretty swell too.

kuddos for being pretty to look at (aesthetically pleasing layout), important (sustainable focus)-yet-funny, and non-wordy (succint).

so, we have this shed in our backyard that makes us dream of chickens.  see:


and we have talked about chickens in the past (any updates on legality issues, folks?)

we might have to arrange some sort of chicken diction/the state long-distance, real-life-but-blog-instructed, documented, project-of-the-future.

the question is, are you in, chicken diction?


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1. i’m so in.
2. laws are for humans, not chickens.

Comment by mateolowen

[…] 2009, 11:43 Filed under: -of green, -of harrisonburg, -of jhumphrey we’ve posted about our personal backyard chicken dreams […]

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i would like to get training about chiken farm

Comment by seid

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