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– of pushing the envelope (restaurant-style). by vastate
Friday, 13 February 2009, 12:59
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thanks to josh for these links:



Dinner starts at 8. People arrive as singles, couples and groups of four or more. We serve an aperitif to everyone upon arrival, then follow up with ten courses of food and matching wines. Our cuisine is best defined as refined new American. Basically, French technique utilizing ingredients common to the Americas and reinterpretations of classic Americana dishes.


Dinners are held primarily on Sundays, here and there, often there. Dinners are most often five or seven courses, but sometimes up to 26. Menus are sometimes revealed, but not always; chefs change plans quickly.

and there’s more…



Hold onto your fork. That’s the most important rule at the Ghetto Gourmet, the Bay Area’s hottest illegal restaurant, a roving event produced by a band of culinary outlaws who host under-the-radar dinner parties (sans permits or licenses) at different locations in San Francisco and the East Bay.



Supper Underground is a monthly dinner party that takes place in different locations with different participants each month. Guests enjoy a brief, cocktail hour, followed by a four-course meal. There is typically a set price or suggested donation, depending on the location.



Coach Peaches in Brooklyn is a private dining club, located in the proprietor’s apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, offering dinner and cocktails twice a month to select guests. Five courses and some plonk costs only $25.


”The trend of private kitchens adds more life to the dining culture in Hong Kong. Customers have more choices now and don’t have to eat stuff that is run-of-the-mill,” Lau told Kyodo News.

Hong Kong people’s love for food stays fervent despite the current economic woes. Such home-cooking diners have been mushrooming recently.



salt shaker has an exhaustive list of more underground supper clubs here.

and kill the restaurant has a list of press coverage here.

i’m imagining state dinners…

statedinnerupdated: note the title change.  i was a bit foolish with my title before…ahem.


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You might note that the article that you got the info from for Coach Peaches was published four years ago – the place is long gone, closed in 2006. Thanks for the link to our site and listing of spots we know about around the world.

Comment by Dan

thanks dan – and great site.
you’re completely right…that was an old article and i kind of purposefully didn’t complete my research on coach peaches simply (and silly-ly) because i couldn’t get enough of that name. i didn’t want to know that it no longer exists. call-out well deserved.

Comment by vastate

i should add that dan and whoever else that works on salt shaker are intensely up to date – even though i only paroused the site briefly, it was full of updates, up-and-comings, and to-be-openeds. well done.

Comment by vastate

Another fun cooking group:

Food Hacking

Comment by Josh

An interesting neighborhood dinner duty sharing concept–

Dinner At Your Door: Tips and Recipes for Starting a Neighborhood Cooking Co-op

Comment by Josh

[…] -of jhumphrey, -of localism we’ve posted about our small obsession with under-the-radar, pseudo-restaurant, dinner parties […]

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The downside of underground restaurants:

Underground to Who?

Comment by Josh

A few more underground restaurant supper clubs:

Comment by Josh

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