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-of tyranny, harrisonburg by jgrimsrud
Sunday, 15 February 2009, 8:47
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our favorite downtown statue rose up after his windstorm-fall, & struck quite a convincing rendition of our state seal:


¬°sic semper tyrannis!

i was definitely inspired to kick some ass…


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I just saw this piece for the first time the other day – what is it? How long has it been there? (Am I blind?)

Comment by wellmet

good question! i noticed it some weeks back…not sure if it’s one person’s work, or if random folks just rearrange the scrap every few days. at one point i think it had a name tag that said “roger.”

Comment by vastate

Nice catch. I’ve seen this thing for a while, but have no idea what it is or who put it there. Isn’t there something else in the same parking lot, near the fence?

Comment by Brent Finnegan

The sculpture has indeed been there for a while- several months. It is the largest of several pieces that happen and re-happen all along that area near the rr tracks. The first one I noticed was when a bike innertube kept being placed over the stop sign that faces directly west at the intersection of Liberty and ? (near L&S Diner). That particular sign-embellishment (it looked like that universal “no” symbol, a slashed-out STOP) was about 3 years ago and I have noticed many more such things-some big, some small- being created all through that area since then. Kathleen

Comment by Boss

[…] is trying, but remember the tall people like figures that alternately embraced and […]

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