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Thursday, 19 February 2009, 11:52
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les concerts a emporter.

simply fantastic.

basically, spur of the moment, private concerts in weird and beautiful – usually euro – spots by your favorite music people.

i have long been a sufjan stevens semi-skeptic.


despite the fact that we have cool friends that do lovely work for athsmatic kitty, his record label, and despite efforts from loved ones to convert me, i’ve remained lukewarm about sufjan.

but after watching him play a rough and wind-blown version of “lakes of canada” on a  french rooftop, i am feeling pretty happy about him.  and i even went and downloaded “seven swans” as a result.


check out the video:

and, in the spirit of reconciliation, i’m going to post an andrew bird video too (that i like because, showing his dangerous side,  he tries to break into some forbidden paris gated area to sing):

and, in the continued spirit of earnest indie men, here are the fleet foxes singing a little acapella ditty while sitting in a paris park and later, “blue ridge mountains” in an abandoned wing of the grand palais:

update: i’m not so into the sufjan stevens album.  and the other people in my house are even more so not into the fact that i may have used up all of the emusic credits downloading said album.  oops.


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