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– of plane tickets. by vastate
Thursday, 19 February 2009, 13:53
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so, let’s have sharing time.

this is where i use my blogger status for personal gain.  while convincing myself that others, too, might benefit.

we’re going to france in june.  normandy, to be exact.  for a wedding.


and we need to buy plane tickets.  cheapest tickets.


in the past, we have dabbled with priceline, expedia, & orbitzbooking buddy, travelocity, & cheaptickets. cheapoair, travelzoo, & lowfares.  with varying degrees of satisfaction.

right now,  to fly from washington d.c. to paris will be right around $1000/ticket.  gasp.

the best prices appear to be on a site called 1800flyeurope, randomly.

and the prices are better if we drive to NYC first…


it’s all a big gamble, i guess.

but, being of the group of people who would gladly forgo a new car, financial security, and heat for a month in europe, we’re willing to gamble.

where have you had success?  any good stories?  predictions?


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Leave a comment is a pretty good aggregator of the big websites. if you sign up you can even search over a small period of days, or weekends.

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