the state

– of touching. by vastate
Saturday, 21 February 2009, 1:48
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according to preacher:

remember brothers and sisters, he will only touch those of you who refrain from touching each other.

it was a brilliant show.  if i do say so myself.  (and absolutely no milli-vanilli action was involved.)

props to clementine & jeremiah for their participation in the revival of the bar/music venue in this town…yours really is a fun place to be.

img_0479 img_0508 img_0544

and justin jones & the driving rain – it’s always a blessing:


while, i didn’t get any pics of sarah white & the pearls myself,  i did meet joel-the-photographer, who showed me some nice shots of sarah in the back stairwell of clementine.  (who knew that mint green would be such a fine background…) so y’all check out his site for some of those possibly-upcoming images.

fun was had.  guitars were played.  many were touched. (by him, by themselves, and by each other).  amen.


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