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– of bike tags. by vastate
Tuesday, 24 February 2009, 18:18
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maybe if we could bump the bike love up a notch around here, it would become a “thing”, and we’d all be obsessed, eco, frugal, and happy (as we rode along on our way to plop the $7 down we didn’t spend on gas for some local tunes), and we’d be inspired to show this newfound bliss via these:


golly.  i can almost feel the bluebirds tugging at my collar.

(note: wow. is the above really the iconic zip-a-dee-doo-dah image?  i feel almost uncomfortable posting it.)

but, i have to admit that if a stranger tagged my (non-existent) bike with such a sweet, letterpressed, note, i would be inclined towards decreased depression and miserliness.  wouldn’t you?

you can order some and start the trend here.  they are only $5 for 6 tags.  and folks, that‘s far cheaper entertainment than either buffalo wild wings or a night with the local bands.

thanks to joanna for the lead.


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