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Tuesday, 24 February 2009, 17:52
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just a little call-and-response from the previous rant of jgrimsrud that i thought belonged on the big stage rather than tucked neatly away in the comments section:

buffalo-wild-wings1 &   starbucksimage OR

blissful happy do-gooders have jolly good time at the blue nile after joyfully paying a $5 cover

blissful happy do-gooders have jolly good time at the blue nile after joyfully paying a $5 cover

reader jon stated:

Seven dollars my ass and I’ll say it again seven dollars my ass. No not really but one should consider that cost is correlated to wages. Unless people are payed more money they won’t pay more for entertainment. I know several local employers have cut raises/cost of living increases this year so one can only expect that people will be forced to cut back as well.

and my humble response:

true, jon – with the economy as it is, people will feel the proverbial tightening of the belt and indeed have less to drop for music and fun. but, many of the folks who gripe about a $7 cover charge would happily run to spend $40 on “wings, beer, and sports” at buffalo wild wings.

it’s all about perception, priorities, and choice.

ESPECIALLY in this current tailspin of a false-bottom economy, it’s essential to stop the gripe and prioritize where the little pocket money we have goes. i would rather throw my $7 to a night mingling with friends and seeing a local band (such as the wolf gang!) than enjoy a frothy-yet-fleeting triple latte from starbucks. wouldn’t you? and wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to encourage others to see it the same way? this outlook could not only improve the local economy, it could improve the local miserly attitude as well. imagine the possibilities, jon…

substance or fluff, people? maybe local music is the needed “chin up” the folks need after a hard season of cutbacks, layoffs, and depression.

and your continued thoughts, lovely readers?…


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