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-of fred eaglesmith by jgrimsrud
Tuesday, 24 February 2009, 0:20
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folks pay 120 bucks for the eagles, they pay 20 buck for eaglesmith.  he’s at least worth 18% of the eagles.

so goes fred’s logic, & couldn’t agree more (perhaps, maybe, he’s even underestimating his worth, a bit, compared to that other band…)

i caught the first part of fred’s set at harrisonburg’s clementine cafe last weekend & enjoyed the piece i got.  (i also enjoyed the fact that my 2 year old can rock & roll at a clementine show, legally & all.)

this guy has written a couple of my favorite country-ish songs, including:

he’s got a hell of a southern whiskey-drinker’s voice for a dude from rural ontario, & he does a better job than most politicians explaining the current economic crisis (of socialism: “we call it sharing”; of u.s. america: “you’re first in reverse socialism!”).

basically, he put on a hell of a show for a good, mixed harrisonburg crowd.  i was happy to know some of our cash was going his way.  (but i’ll talk about the money issue in another post; this one’s just for fred.)  here’s a bit of fred on budhism, elvis, and spinal tap.  ¡cheers!:


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