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Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 17:11
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while we are on the topic of bluebirds, fluff, and bliss…


this is a neat book.

i spend lots of time in the car, and i listened to it recently (i admit this with some degree of shame, as i really feel like a cheater, seeing as i only touched my ipod and no actual paper…).

ipod1 vs.     readinggeobliss4

it’s not hilarious, but amusing.  not a novel, but a travelogue-philosophy hybrid.  not straight journalism, but somewhat in the self-help-for-hip-people-who-like-to-travel genre.

eric weiner (from NPR) explains it this way:


Is this a self-help book? Perhaps, but not like any you’ve read before. I offer no simple bromides here. No chicken soup. You will find no easy answers in these pages. You will, however, find much to chew on and, perhaps, some unexpected inspiration. We Americans, it turns out, have no monopoly on the pursuit of happiness. There is wisdom to be found in the least likely of places.

Place. That is what The Geography of Bliss is about. How place—in every aspect of the word—shapes us, defines us. Change your place, I believe, and you can change your life.

i guess i feel like this book is noteworthy because i keep thinking about it.  i keep thinking about how strange and impossible it is to gage happiness.  and yet, how interesting the results from such surveys are.  and i keep thinking about the fact that there are actual happiness institues, and happiness psychologies, and happiness websites.

feeling down?  check these out:

happy news.


If you are an optimist – or aspire to be one – welcome to our world. Here at Optimist World you’ll find daily good news headlines, inspiring stories about charities, positive corporate social responsibility activities, sustainable travel, optimistic stories from the world of sports, and so much more

happy institutes.


The World Database of Happiness is an ongoing register of scientific research on the subjective enjoyment of life.
It brings together findings that are scattered throughout many studies and provides a basis for synthetic work.

happy studies.

Subjective appreciation of life-as-a-whole, as assessed in survey studies in nations. Distribution of responses by nation and year.

happy wikis.


Dance, sing and laugh as much as possible, for every reason and for no reason. If you don’t feel like it, put on some music that you know will make you feel like it, or watch or read something that makes you laugh.





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