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-of rebirth (jindal style) by jgrimsrud
Thursday, 26 February 2009, 10:58
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the republican party is reborn, & the latest evidence was bobby jindal’s stinging rebuttal of obama’s speech to congress tuesday night.

the finest moments of political genius & inspiration call upon the great spirits of our history & the classic narratives of the uniquely american story.  john stewart saw in “bobby” the shade of a great american:

this may be true, and i would love to see, as part of formation of a narrative of economic recovery, “bobby” jindal tour a crayon factory.

but we at the state believe that this is the dawn of a new era.  the (briefly) flagging republican party is truly reborn, and “bobby” understands that today is a new day, and demands a new cast of american heroes & american narratives.  yes piyush “bobby” jindal, ¡today is the day of kenneth “the page” parcell!


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Sheer brilliance.

Comment by zen

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