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– of wild animals, the kids, and a preacher. by vastate
Saturday, 28 February 2009, 16:09
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clementine was “at capacity” for much of the night.

kids were climbing the walls, bouncers were placed at all entrances to prevent stragglers from sneaking in, the bar downstairs was full of the overflow.


apparently, there is dire need for all ages shows around these parts.

most of the kids mentioned above were underage (which makes them seem like criminals, no?).  and completely psychotic for wild animal party.

the bartenders were not so impressed.  word on the street is that even those who could drink were lousy tippers.  sigh.

come on kids!

i’m a huge proponent of all ages venues and shows.  and therefore, i’m a huge proponent of  showing a little respect when the opportunity arises or it won’t happen again.  just sayin’

i lived in seattle when i was 20, and it was horrible.  absolutely horrible.  all i did was stay home and feel sorry for myself while my friends went happily to over-21 bar shows. and almost everything was over-21.


so, i’m glad that 1.) bands want to play for everyone and 2.) venues are willing to let everyone in.

the thing is that high-school kids and early college people are often the best fans.  really, honestly interested in the music.  willing to travel long distances for a favorite band. less likely to grumble about about the cover charge.  their excitement not tempered with too much alcohol.  devoted.  in short, they are who musicians want listening to their music.  unfortunately, they don’t help out the bars, who help out the musicians.  it’s a broken system.  sigh.

i would write some nice stuff about wild animal party’s music, but i was barricaded to the downstairs bar for the duration.  (despite my best attempts:  pretending to being their photographer, saying “i’m with the band”, i was struck down mercilessly.)

the bouncers at clementine looked just like this. really.

my impression through the speakers was that it was really solid and energetic.  if anyone wants to write in a review who was actually upstairs, we’ll post it. it was hard not to be excited, seeing as i’ve never heard of a local venue being at capacity like that…long live the h’burg music scene.

some of those “underage” left for preacher‘s surprise set (also a little lame, but beneficial, as i was actually allowed upstairs).  it maybe showed a bit that the guys found out they were playing only 3 or so hours before going on (due to sickness in the cinnamon band): they were perhaps a little less tight, a little sweatier, and a little more long-winded.

but still blessedly entertaining (poison drinking was involved) and crazy (on-stage collapse & resurrection).  with really really good music thrown in. (“he is a rock” & “i luv you my friends” were consistent crowd favorites.  they even were allowed a 12:45am encore of david byrne’s “heaven”.  (thanks, jeremiah & all the clementine waitstaff that usually goes home earlier…)




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