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– of goodwill tables. by vastate
Thursday, 5 March 2009, 13:31
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goodwill harrisonburg (over on 33) still carries a weird, broken crappy assortment of plastic toys – so you can take your old toys there instead of gift & thrift.  the quality is far below that which used to be carried at gift & thrift, but i guess it’s better than the landfill.

the thrift store also had a little something for the coke addict:


just in case someone needs a fancy place to cut & straighten their lines…

also in goodwill harrisonburg news, a mystery band was spotted riffling through the t-shirts.  (who was playing last night, anyway?)

we felt smug that we found the original starsky & hutch shirt before those indy hipsters did…oh yes we did.


we may have also picked up this for the 2 year old:



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i think that the bear staring back at you through the table top would be a little too creepy

Comment by remmus

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