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Friday, 13 March 2009, 16:49
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so, i totally freaked out at save & prosper and my family will now be drinking tea many times a day for the next few years.  it was that good.

i had been in this little store on Rt. 42 a few months ago – and found it so-so.  a bit junky (baskets of open makeup). and providing a sparse product selection (jumper cables and cheap bags of onions).

but, on the advice of a friend, i stopped in again yesterday and entered a virtual wonderland of value shopping.  the cheap (or poor) foodies’ dream.

the store was chock-full of natural food store overstock.  here, i’ll give you an idea of what i bought:

serendipitea. fair trade.  organic.  loose leaf.  $3.49


here’s a review:

SerendipiTea offers over 50 tealicious organic and Fair Trade teas that tantalize taste buds, while encouraging environmentally friendly cultivation (and discouraging nasty agrochemicals) which protects land, wildlife, and communities, worldwide. Take comfort in knowing SerendipiTea also utilizes earth-friendly packaging, including post-consumer recycled and biodegradable materials, and water-based inks. So sit back, steep a cup of Smart Tart or Tea to Tango, and settle in under your eco-friendly blanket.

the tao of tea. $2.49


and, sorry downtown wine & gourmet, they have those neat little cheese crackers for just $1.49.

the fine cheese co.


it was great.  i’m still coming down from the high.  you should go.


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Good to know. I’ve never been in there, just been a little afraid. I’ll be making a trip!

Comment by Emmy

That matcha green tea powder is a ridiculously good deal. I’ve been trying to find some of that for a reasonable price for a long while now. Usually that much runs for like $6-12.

Comment by Josh

yes, a better price than some downtown businesses…i also hear that you can get cheap wine at costco – what a deal! and i know wal-mart sells cheap bicycles!

Comment by jason

I checked out the tea selection yesterday. Incredible! Unfortunately out of matcha green tea powder, but the selection of high-end tea was amazing. Thanks for the pointer!

Comment by Josh

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