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– of switcharoo. (blue nile 3.12.09) by vastate
Friday, 13 March 2009, 11:28
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the wading girl and tenderhooks were both energetic and way tight.  a really nice paring for a show.  if you want to see them play together again, catch them at one of their many upcoming dates together.


and the set by the last two bands,  preacher & sun songs,  was…well…interesting.  the music was solid and crazy good as usual, and the bands decided shortly before going on to switch off every two songs.  a battle between the devil and the lord.


at one point, johan from preacher was exorcising nathan from sun songs.


although perhaps i’m biased, (and at times, i was really unsure if this switcharoo plan was a good idea), it was nice to see bands interacting and trying out new formats.  and having fun.

the nile is always an excellent, intimate, space.  although it seems that four bands on a thursday night pushes the limits of all but the extremely devoted. the crowd until 11:45 or so was fantastic.  apparently, we value our reasonable bedtime here in harrisonburg.

img_2386 img_2307

img_2462 img_2603

img_2543 img_2470


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