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– of the end of plan 9. by vastate
Friday, 13 March 2009, 11:44
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yep.  word on the street is that plan 9 harrisonburg is closing next month.


randomly, there is a fairly new outpost of the music store in williamsburg.

guess our vinyl listening booth idea wasn’t enough to spur business out of the dumps…

is this just terribly sad or possibly an interesting segway into a more underground music climate?  i don’t know…

check out the comments on hburg news.  here’s what brent finnegan has to say:

I was sad when Town & Campus Records closed, but thought, “at least there’s still Plan 9.” But Olivia’s right: I haven’t been visiting as much in recent years, so I don’t have much room to lament. As much as I want to support independently-owned local businesses, I listen mostly to iTunes and Pandora these days.

I think this closure is all part of a bigger picture: a massive shift to digital delivery. Newspapers and record stores are shutting down or shrinking because; if you can get it online for cheap or free, why would you buy a hard copy? Change is inevitable. But one thing I wonder/worry about is that digital delivery essentially eliminates jobs. Particularly local jobs. So, the economy is tanking at the same time these jobs are being made obsolete. Sort of scary.

this is what the state proposes:

town & campus guy!  come back!  we hear that you have loads and loads of random music leftover from the good old days.  can we figure something out?  combine the powers of a strange back catalogue with all the sweet local releases that are coming out of a crazy active local music scene?  you have the background.  we have the energy.  it could be a co-op of sorts.  other ideas?  here is what we envision: a downtown location that has a record store, practice spaces, a performance space, and maybe a screenprinting operation as well.

recordstorepracticespace +


well…it would be nice.

it’s been done before.

that coffee shop on the corner, is it old dominion now?, it isn’t all that great.  but the space could be fantastic…


any potential investors?


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Great idea. Our Musical Place.
I can tell you the band I’m in would be interested in the rehearsal space and I have a modicum of time to invest… but that’s about it.

Comment by TM

excellent. anybody else? investors of all sorts accepted.

Comment by vastate

I believe there’s been talk of a downtown arts space. Maybe this could be incorporated into the same idea.

Comment by Josh

old dominion would be a great space…right now the atmosphere is about as cozy as traditions. i think that your idea of combining business endeavors into a sort of co-op is a great idea and the only way that this could happen. well, that and for people to stop buying all of their music on itunes. maybe even keep some coffee…there is a great spot in west seattle that combines a cafe, bar, performance space, and record store. or that spot in oly that combines a thrift clothing store with records…

Comment by jason

I like this idea. Let’s do it.

Comment by jon

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