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– of chickens (in jail). by vastate
Wednesday, 18 March 2009, 11:43
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we’ve posted about our personal backyard chicken dreams before.

apparently, others feel the same way:

here’s the skinny:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009
7:30pm – 10:30pm
clementine lounge
153 S Main St
Harrisonburg, VA

This fundraiser is to raise money for the Harrisonburg Backyard Chicken Project, a citizen group working to make sure that your backyard chicken pets are no longer outlaws! We’ll have music: Trent Wagler, Mountain Valley String Band, Ears to the Ground, and Richard Easley (classical guitar, old time, bluegrass), information, and a raffle which includes a small chicken coop, chicken feed, and chickens!!!!

Come out to find out what Harrisonburg’s laws are on backyard chickens and how we plan to change them, learn how you could have chickens in your backyard, get involved, and have a good time with some great tunes!

Free event and open to all. Donations accepted.
For more info:

power to the…chickens!

we’ll be there.  will you?


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We are fighting for the same thing here in Philly. I think our posters are a little cooler though.

Comment by mstyer

[…] – backyard chicken legalization project fundraiser – richard easley, ears to the ground, mountain valley string band, trent wagler – 7.30pm […]

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[…] In my old collegiate stomping grounds of Harrisonburg, VA friends of mine have been cited for code violations after keeping a handful of egg laying wonders, thus resulting in the organization of the Harrisonburg Backyard Chicken Project. […]

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i think it’s great that places like clementine are willing to participate in community fundraisers like this.

but, i have to say that putting chickens in a restaurant is exactly the sort of thing that makes me wonder whether the hbcp is a bunch of crazy hippies (i don’t want to believe that, i just can’t see how flagrantly violating the health code helps the cause).

basically, i’d like to see them be more together. instead of simply saying that other cities which are more urban than we are allow this and so by the transitive property of urban chickens, we should too, look up the ordinances and be ready to talk about how they’ve dealt with the concerns people are voicing here in those places.

i guess what i’m really saying is get facts and get them straight. it’s nice to have a vet reassure everyone that this won’t cause an h5n1 outbreak, but as i understand it, in places where backyard chicken populations have been culled (a potential enforcement cost, not adressed in the presentation last week) this wasn’t really the concern.

at any rate, if we can get an intelligent ordinance together which actually addresses concerns, then i think this could be a really great thing.

Comment by seth

Actually the peeps contained in the front window at Clementine had nothing to do with the HBCP (or “crazy hippies”) and everything to do with the season.

Comment by Amanda

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