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– of philly chicken. by vastate
Thursday, 19 March 2009, 11:31
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the philly folk have issued a chicken-freedom-poster challenge:


they think their poster is better.

anyone here in the ‘burg have a counter-poster?

here’s the philly chicken blurb:

So read more about the cause below, and jump on the bandwagon…or in the coop, as it were…

At Art In The Age, we are advocates of eating, buying, growing, and producing the items we consume locally. We believe in knowledgeable consumption and supporting the local Philadelphia/Pennsylvania economy. Lately, we’ve noticed lots of buzz in the news about urban farming. Specifically, urban egg farming…

…and we have also discovered that the City of Philadelphia does not allow it, due to an ordinance against the keeping/raising of all “farm animals”. So we are issuing a petition to the city for the right to raise our own food in our own backyards.

As concerned citizens, committed to a natural and health-conscious lifestyle defined by informed choices…stand with us! Sign the petition now @


Egg Farming has vastly grown in popularity throughout national metro areas such as Brooklyn and even Los Angeles. Supporting groups can be found in most cities not only encouraging egg farming but providing all the necessary resources for one to get started.

Although surrounding areas in Philadelphia are allowed this privileged and thus have the support of advocates and organizations, the metro area of Philadelphia has still not been able to break the yolk, so to speak.

Our goal is to repeal the current law within Philadelphia that restricts the keeping, raising, and habitation of chickens in the Philadelphia metro area. By allowing residents to raise and keep chickens in the privacy of their backyard encourages sustainability in a weakening economy; self-reliance that you and your family are able to provide food by the enrichments of your own hands; the peace of mind of knowing were your food is coming from.

Specifically, we would like to amend the law to allow for up to 4 egg laying hens in each residential household with proper waste disposal and sanitation facilities in accordance with the city’s guidelines. In addition, the right to harvest and consume the resources provided by the keeping and raising of chickens.

By supporting the enactment of these changes, we the citizens of Philadelphia, stand behind the opportunity to keep and maintain egg-laying hens in the spirit of an all natural, resource conscious lifestyle.

By signing this petition you are endorsing the right to know where your food comes from, support local farming, as well as encourage the growth of urban farming.

Sign the petition now!


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