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Friday, 20 March 2009, 13:46
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okay, i’m obviously geeking over the garden.

but, i just spent a hour breathlessly placing almost every packet of seeds from roanoke’s southern exposure seed company in my online basket.  i have yet to check out.  some narrowing of selection is very necessary.  tough choices lay ahead.

yellobell vs.   redcherrytomato

we had no idea where to find the organic, heirloom seeds we were in search of.  so we did a very cute thing and called our neighbor.  we just so happen to be very lucky as far as neighbors go – and tom benevento happens to be our neighbor.  his entire house is a garden.


read more about him here.

anyway, he passed on the southern exposure seed tip.


and told us that harrisonburg public works has a free leaf mulch pile that you can dig through to find the good, old, decomposed stuff for your garden.  sometimes they will help you load for an extra few dollars, especially in the early morning or later in the afternoon.  bring your own truck.



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