the state

– of maternity. by vastate
Saturday, 21 March 2009, 14:37
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it’s spring, what can i say…

gardens & babies.

i just got an exciting email from my downtown retail contact:

hi Jill=  Have you all heard about the new shop going in on Water St. downtown?  I met the woman who is starting the boutique for maternity through toddlerhood– Rian (pronounced Ryan- like with a long “i”)

She said it will be called On the Turtle’s Back and will be about half high-quality resale and half new things made by local craft-sew-people.

how excellent!  if you’ve got access to the right clothes, it can be pretty excellent figuring out new ways to show off your bump.  for example:

isabella oliver: splurge

isabella oliver: splurge


liz lange for target: cheap

liz lange for target: cheap

or, even better, buy handmade:

from etsy: thai fisherman pants

from etsy: thai fisherman pants


etsy: organic

etsy: organic




can’t wait to see what this shop will have to offer!


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any idea when it is opening?

Comment by Rachel Herr

i wish her the best, but with la de da closing right up the block, i can’t help but wonder if she’s got a sustainable business model or not.

Comment by seth

the word is that she will open sometime in the next few weeks…i’m supposed to meet with her tomorrow for more info. i’ll ask about sustainable business plans… i didn’t know that la de da was closing!

Comment by vastate

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