the state

– of spike jonze. by vastate
Thursday, 26 March 2009, 17:29
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spike jonze, maurice sendak, six feet under & the arcade fire.

spikejonze1secondfilmmaurice-sendak-wild-things-little-bear-gay-nigh-kitchen-art-author-illustratorlauren-ambrose-picture-3-758067 +  arcade_fire

i’m not sure what to think…


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I’m not sure what to think because that trailer blew my mind.
Don’t forget Karen O did the music with Carter Burwell (Coen Bros., Being John Malkovich, In Bruges, and… yes… Twilight… Try not to hold that against him)!

Comment by TM

I found this review entertaining: “This thing seriously looks scientifically designed to fuck up the hipsters’ shit. Do the math. Spike Jonze + Arcade Fire + Nostalgia + Magic + Monsters + Divorced Moms + Snowballs + Scribble Font + Shouting Off a Cliff.”

Comment by Nicklaus Combs

ha! hipsters…

Comment by vastate

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