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– of chicken fans. by vastate
Friday, 27 March 2009, 12:09
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p.s. word on the street has it that over 100 people showed up to the wednesday night backyard chicken event at clementine!

we’re wondering if because of where we live (read: chicken factory land),


official legislation will be very difficult to pass.  maybe seen as a threat (!?!) to the big chicken men…

at any rate, it seems like there is some excellent energy behind this drive.  and we hope that the idea of raising one’s own food hits a libertarian nerve in those conservative types who might otherwise oppose such ideas in favor of supporting big business.



remember, we’re all ready to build a chicken coop in the backyard with long-distance instruction from our own personal chicken guru in tucson.  let’s go!


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never been called that before….anyways, you will need to tell me what type of space you want for a potential flock…in that white building you have, or separate, movable, stationary, and how many you hope to have. then i can offer a bit more advice…much chicken love!

Comment by Matthew

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