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– of good publicists. by vastate
Friday, 27 March 2009, 11:30
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so, after a barely there mention of peter broderick in our 3.24 concert calendar, i got a note from the publicist for this project, a broken consort:


my two year old and i listened to a preview song sent to us called the elder lie. eli’s review was, “this is a sad, sad and pretty song.”  i pretty much agree.  i was actually inclined to listen to more because i am a sucker for the cello.  particularly a slightly-messed-up-disonant cello.  this sound features prominantly in this work from richard skelton.  here’s a bit more regarding the artist:

There are many layers to the work of Richard Skelton. I don’t just mean instrumentally, for there is so much more to him as an artist than simply the music. His work is inextrically bound up with emotion, with imagery, with history, with location, with nature, and even with poetry. While I have written about his spellbinding (now re-recorded and remastered) A Broken Consort project on here before, it may well be his Landings project which represents the apex of his achievements as an artist, combining all of the above elements into a cohesive, compelling narrative. With this first release under his own name Marking Time, he strips back much of this ornamentation to produce a work of immense clarity and focus.

i’m still trying to figure out the peter broderick/richard skelton connection.  but it doesn’t really matter.  a broken consort is worth listening to.  and you could have seen peter broderick with efterklang last night in d.c….  all of these artists are good for late rainy march afternoon listening.


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