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– of firing the dnr editor. by vastate
Thursday, 21 May 2009, 22:59
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if you haven’t already dumped the DNR, here is the reason to cancel your subscription immediately:

Primate Obama:  Dividing And Conquering Catholics
Oh, that Barack Obama, he’s a slick one, isn’t he? Slicker even than his immediate Democratic predecessor in the White House, whose first name was often coupled with that adjective[…]

r. cort kirkwood, managing editor:


is, at best, unbelievably dull.

he is, at worst, a bold racist who should be fired immediately for misconduct.

whatever your views, this type of ignorance or bigotry is inexcusable in our city paper.

the state urges you to take a stand.  CANCEL your subscription.

Daily News-Record
231 South Liberty Street
P.O. Box 193
Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Tel. (540) 574-6200

tell them that you are canceling because of cort kirkwood’s most recent example of unprofessional conduct.  tell them you don’t want any part in a newspaper with an editor so insulated from modern culture that he would dare think a monkey joke acceptable.

then, write to cort himself and help usher him into reality:

tell him that you hope that he has the decency to apologize and resign his post as managing editor.  tell him that he does not deserve such an important position in your community.

our outrage is only tempered by our long held sense of indifference towards such a worthless rag.

harrisonburg needs a nonprofit newspaper.

more on that later.

we need to simmer down first.

or not.


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I submitted a CNN iReport about it here:

I hope the DNR gets called out nationally for their horrible editorials so they change their racist ways and start representing the city that they supposedly write for.

I’ll include this state post in the comments on the iReport.

Comment by Renee

calling some a primate: poor taste. People in a rage: reasonable. This web site calling the DNR a rag: priceless.

Comment by Frank Shifflett

I think you mean R. Cort Kirkwood, not Cort R. Kirkwood.

Comment by Anne Lorimer

thank you for the correction. R. Cort Kirkwood’s name has been corrected within the body of the post.

i feel that it is important to identify “the editor” or “the writer” of this editorial. on the DNR website and in the comments sections of the DNR and hburgnews, it is not immediately clear who is the author of the “Primate Obama” editorial.

Kirkwood – not an unknown “editor” – made the sad decision to title his opinion piece as he did. it seems unclear and unfair to refer to the author of this disgusting piece as simply “the editor”.

Comment by vastate

I forwarded this editorial, as well as a few other golden oldies, to most major news outlets. But I am skeptical about the possible results. It seems to me that the people of the Burg are so desensitized to this filth in their paper, that those who are offended have long stopped reading or caring, for their own self-preservation.
Can Kirkwood’s firing or resignation be brought about without appealing to the media from “outside” the community? I have no doubt that this would be more effective, and really, when Kirkwood has no one to blame but himself(and not the “liberal”, “carpetbagger” media).
Hell, I say any editor who uses the term carpet-bagger should be fired out of principle. Kirkwood’s antiquated viewpoints were never productive or edifying for the city. He is an anachronism is the worst way, and not in a cool way, like me.

Comment by Daniel Showalter

— of idiots with small vocabularies.

This type of “story” is created when you have mass quantities of liberals who have very small vocabularies.

Comment by Dave Briggman

unfortunately, dave, the “it’s just a word” argument is old and tired and doesn’t fly.

Comment by vastate

<B-of right wing apologetics.

Dave, it would be like me calling you a “queer” and then claiming that I only meant you were a little odd.

Doesn’t fly at all.

Comment by Daniel Showalter

[…] again, this kind of disgusting public behavior slides away into the not-so-distant past and maybe we all sigh with relief that we don’t have […]

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