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– of colleen’s tacos. by vastate
Saturday, 23 May 2009, 14:34
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a quick break from the action to ponder and celebrate a townie favorite:

colleen’s taco at the blue nile downstairs.

IMG_5305 IMG_5306

i wasn’t neat enough to get a photo at the show last night, but if anyone has an image, please forward it and i’ll post accordingly.

but here’s the description:

tortillas filled with sauteed portabella mushrooms, organic free range Polyface beef, or chicken with onions, green, red, and chili peppers.  served with a salsa and homemade guacamole.

can’t say enough about this little $6 gem, folks.

indulge next time you’re at the bar.


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Comment by Holly

tried one of these tacos last night – even though i was served the chicken after ordering beef i was not let down. these are some tasty tacos – thanks for the tip!

Comment by jason

i would like to amend my previous comment – i did not actually try just one taco – rather (since they are served in pairs) i enjoyed two! wow – it just keeps getting better…

Comment by jason

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