the state

– of pure gas. by vastate
Tuesday, 26 May 2009, 22:49
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i shouldn’t really like a gas station.

i feel a bit opposed to gas in general.  (you know the schitck.)

but i feel sort of friendly about my local pure gas station.

pure gas

they have nice staff people.  and new pumps that now take my card.  and a good sunday beer selection. (for when downtown wine & gourmet is closed.)  and jerky.

and i feel (and perhaps i’m quaintly misled) a little like i’m sticking it to the 7-eleven man up the street whenever i buy gas from this more local joint.

but, it’s still gas.  i know.  sigh.



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they also carry a wide range of american spirits…not a funny look when you ask for them

Comment by jason

yes they do. all the colors.

Comment by vastate

does gas really cost you $3.20 out in virginny?

Comment by mateolowen

old photo…
it’s about 2.39 – climbing quickly.

Comment by vastate

Good people running the Pure station. Well put.

Comment by Daniel Showalter

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