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– of real pola. by vastate
Friday, 29 May 2009, 17:44
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recently, a friend was going on an epic alaskan journey and wanted to take some sweet polaroids to document the occasion.  i offered to lend her one of mine.  all was well.


she couldn’t find film.


usually, glen’s has a few dusty, expired boxes that suffice.  but not now.

so, i pointed her in the direction of the holy digital polaroid.  but it was a let down.  just not the same.

apparently, others feel the same desire for these imperfect pieces of instant gratification.


here’s a NY Times article about these cool art geeks.


some of our best family moments have been caught and developed via my vintage polaroid land camera.


here are some nice polaroids too look at.



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Jill- your answer lies at Rite-aid! The crazy thing is that they’re discontinuing, and our frinds who went on the epic adventure bought them out. I’m counting on out of town/state stores for my supply.

Comment by Linell

see…they were out when i checked last! we’ll have to go on a rite-aid raid sometime soon…

Comment by vastate

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