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– of cheap(er) tea. by vastate
Wednesday, 3 June 2009, 9:43
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local thrifty, eco hint, folks:

i was at earth & tea yesterday,


and was in need of an iced drink, but only had the change clanging around in the bottom of my bag.

so, when i ordered my bamboo bliss iced tea, the really nice guys (aaram, matt) who own/work there, asked, “for here or to go?”

i asked, “what’s the difference?”

turns out, in terms of loose change, a lot.

FOR HERE:  $2.22

TO GO:  $3.33

kuddos to this place for encouraging less trash and for taking the time to teach my kid how to set up a chess board.


you won some serious points in my book.

the lesson?  go take a load off, sit down for a minute, and enjoy your iced tea in a glass, sit in a cushy chair, play a little chess, and relax.  it’s summer.  slow down.


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