the state

– of missing nepalese food. by vastate
Friday, 5 June 2009, 12:29
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i’m pining for my weekly dose of paneer saag.


what have other regulars been eating while john and rama are on their yearly summer trip?

we’ve been loving more than usual on the veggie combo platter at the blue nile.


and making our own pasta.


but.  it has even been mentioned in this household that the post-indian-american stomach is even missed.


how have you all been surviving?


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we’ve harvested a shitload of spinach from our garden and will have an attempt at paneer saag later…wish us well.

Comment by vastate

I am Kathleen, not Boss. I need to say this: I miss Ramaschwori and John terribly! Can hardly wait until they get back in late June so I can order my favorite, favorite paneer saag. But if anybody could rival John and Rama in the cooking department, the people of THE STATE could!!

Comment by Boss

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