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– of joe’s. trader joe’s. by vastate
Friday, 12 June 2009, 13:50
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this is a little lame.  it admit it.  but i do sort of miss  my capitol hill, seattle trader joe’s:

seattle tj's

(people really do look like that in the store.  like on a a tuesday morning.)

but, apparently, c’ville will soon be blessed with this overpackaged snack food extravaganza.

if you see it as a cheap, organic, snack food outlet (think chips, wasabi peas, dried fruits, frozen salmon cakes):

tj's wasabi almonds trader_joes_brown_rice_marshmallow_treats tj's endamame

and if i religiously stick to the farmer’s market and don’t buy tj’s weird plastic wrapped produce:

trader joe's produce

or cheat on downtown wine & gourmet with 2 buck chuck:


it’s all good, right?

i’m searching here…

(thanks to josh for the t.j.’s FYI.)


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It takes intensive on-the-job training to be a successful consumer at Trader Joes. But now that you’ve invested so much time in it…what’s wrong with a bag a wasabi peas here and there?

Comment by Jim T

For folks living in Cville, you can kinda-sorta-if-you-really-need-it get TJ before the grand opening via the Retail Relay grocery service:

Abbreviated selection. 🙂

SO, what this means is soon someone will have to bring a RetailRelay-like service to Hburg to deliver Cville TJ goods. Takers?

Comment by Josh

nice article. thanks.

Comment by Daniel Showalter

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