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-of pulling the trigger by jgrimsrud
Friday, 12 June 2009, 0:30
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a number of kind folks have asked us lately: “how can you blog about primary voting if you didn’t even vote yourselves?!”

it’s a good question.  i think the best explanation is information.  or the lack thereof.

i have felt this way before, recently.  exhibit 2 is the friendly city food coop.  i believe in good, local food; i believe in good, local elections.  democracy and dinner are pretty key to a happy healthy day-to-day life.  so why, when it has come down to it, do i feel like i just don’t know enough; i’m just not comfortable; i just can”t pull the trigger & do it!?

of course, both of these examples are more complicated, but i think that, whatever little coincidental obstacles stand between me & an fcfc member card & an “i voted” sticker, i would’ve brushed them aside if i really believed that i knew what in the world was going on in the guts of either organism (the mysterious would-be milk & meat vendors & their as-of-yet-undisclosed location, and the so-called-energetic-because-the-credibility-of-our-so-called-revolutionary-american-polictical-sea-change gubenatorial campaigns) & whether either creature would be a good and faithful friend to me in the future.

so, let’s make a deal: bring on the transparency, and i’ll happily fire away.


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