the state

– of a song and a photo. by vastate
Wednesday, 17 June 2009, 15:55
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listening to this.


it falls securely within my favorite song category: “everything’s going to be alright” songs.

like REM‘s ‘nightswimming’.  or ben harper‘s ‘the three of us’.  or red house painter‘s “have you forgotten”.  or clap your hand’s say yeah‘s “over and over again”.  or tom wait‘s “come on up to the house”.  or patti smith‘s “farewell reel”.  or pearl jam‘s “wishlist”.  or low‘s “two step”.

that is only a glimpse of my short list.  slight guilty pleasures.  they all manipulate me pleasingly.

i don’t think that i would actually put the middle east on my final list (a little uber-trendy to be classic in my opinion).  but i was listening to their song ‘blood’ and it made me think of all of those songs i turn to for late night drives or heavy summer rainy days like today.

they all feel a bit like this:


sally mann (the photographer behind this gelatin silver print) gets the feeling.


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