the state

– of feeding the whole family. by vastate

have we raved about this cookbook on here yet?


well.  now we have.  or we are again.

go buy this cookbook by cynthia lair.  use it to guide the transformation of your farmer’s market wares and garden products.

our copy is crinkled, scribbled, deliciously sloppy.

a few of it’s recipes have changed the way we cook:

the coconut oil/whole wheat pastry crusts (this oil is magic…)


the beans with arame (an introductory sea vegetable…)


the pan fried tofu (the first time this has actually worked like in the restaurants…)


the grilled salmon (self-explanatory…)


the steak over soba.

the best thing about this cookbook is that each recipe offers ways to serve the meal for babies just starting solid foods (around 6-10 mos. old) and for children.  not alternative dishes, but ways of serving & preparing the same meal for everyone in the family.  realizing that babies and kids aren’t idiots.  they have taste buds too.  just give them a little credit and have patience.  they probably do like more than mac n’ cheese and chicken fingers.

feeding the whole family.

for example:

the thai steak salad over soba.


not something many would normally assume to be baby finger food.  but lair suggests that

” some soba noodles with fresh cilantro and a few drops of dressing are perfectly fine to serve.”

it is also excellently non-legalistic.  there is meat.  there is sugar.  there is salt.  there is fat.  but crafted together in a whole-foods, whole-family approach.

seriously.  we have yet to try something from this cookbook that hasn’t been a success.

the book, with it’s lovely cover design by olympia, wa artist nikki mcclure, and full of recipes by seattle local cynthia lair, is also a reminder of our former home in the pacific northwest.

and a reminder of all things fresh and whole – in washington and right here in virginia.

check out lair’s new online cooking show, “cookus interruptus.”  word on the street says it’s funny.  and fresh.

and.  for those recipes.

try twin oaks tofu from integral yoga in charlottesville.

and salmon from tangier island seafood here in harrisonburg.

and scope out t&e’s for the steak.


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