the state

– of neutral milk hotel. by vastate
Thursday, 18 June 2009, 15:38
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just listening to it.


and suggesting it.

long live the late 90’s.


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I always get shit for this but I have to admit I like on avery island a lot more.

Comment by Nicklaus Combs

ha! will give it a closer listen…just because you said so…

Comment by vastate

i uploaded some rarities into this message board thread (everything is 7″, hypecity tape and an excellent live set, i also have a ton more weird neutral milk stuff if you’re interested)

Comment by Nicklaus Combs

avery island is a good record… but you do deserve a bit of shit, nick.

but after all those links, all is forgiven! if you want to listen to “pree sisters swallowing a donkey’s eye” on repeat, all night long, more power to you.

Comment by jgrimsrud

[…] i’ve been spoiled by nick combs, but i’m hoping that now, every time we post a musical shout-out, some kind reader will send […]

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