the state

– of not giving up… by vastate
Saturday, 4 July 2009, 5:08
Filed under: -of jhumphrey, -of oops., -of the outside world

…on the state.

we might just be drinking pineapple juice and cava in barcelona.

(enjoying the 4th of july in a place other than the good ol’ us of a.)


that’s the rumor.

and we’ll be back sometime next week-ish.

so, keep checking back.  or subscribe to the feed so you get an automatic update when we return.

hasta luego…


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The state, the state…the name sounds vaguely familiar. But I’m not sure I remember what it is.

Comment by Ted Grimsrud

extremely jealous, hope you have safe travels!

Comment by nicklaus combs

instructions, please? I would like to get the automatic notices. thanks!

Comment by Kathleen Temple

we’re ba-ack…

Comment by vastate

Are you bragging or complaining?

Comment by Boss

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