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Sunday, 26 July 2009, 23:15
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after fellow blogger’s post, i need to speak up as someone who just reads one book at a time (& slowly), and thinks spatchcocking a defensless chicken just sounds wrong.

in my post-vacation hangover, i’m trying to finish up my last vacation read:

it’s an amazing collection of essays, book reviews, observations by an author working through hot and cold wars, bringing his heavily british voice to bear on totalitarians right & left, then savoring a cold drink.

and getting back into our bedtime reading routine w/ my son, glad to find a couple of the favorites i couldn’t pack in a suitcase:

then, a rush through the emusic catalog to spend my month’s downloads before they “refresh” (euphamism for the coming of the day-of-the-month-we-hope-to-screw-you-out-of-your-subscription-money):

it’s good to be home.


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forget emusic, you need to check out

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