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-of crosswalks!?, p.s. by vastate
Sunday, 2 August 2009, 0:39
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sorry for the text-heavy, late night blogging, but this relates to my post on our neighbor’s pedestrian vs. vehicle accident tonight & our neighborhood’s horrible corner w/ its new pedestrian-signal-free & impossible-to-see-from-the-corner traffic light:

this very june, harrisonburg school board reaffirmed their support of seeking grant funding to improve pedestrian & bike access and safety w/in 2 miles of area grade schools, including waterman elementary.  a national program called safe routes to schools has been an area for exploration w/ local activists.  unfortunately, it hasn’t happened soon enough (if it happens at all).  i applaud these kinds of efforts & now i really want to know how to help w/ them, but should residents of this town need to go out & find grants just to have safety & pedestrian space be included in the roads our taxes go to build and keep up?

the city builds roads, & the city evidently builds lots & lots of traffic signals; i don’t think it should be especially difficult to balance those development budgets with a care for the safety & needs of all residents.  stop signs work very well; freeze new traffic signals & new sprawl development, & stop re-surfacing perfectly fine roads, until the town has a consistent, safe pedestrian & bicycle infrastructure.  fair enough?


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