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Monday, 3 August 2009, 15:10
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the DNR and WHSV have finally begun to pick up the story about our neighbor, cleo, being struck while trying to cross the crosswalk-less Virginia Ave. on saturday night.


she’s at UVA in serious condition.

the neighborhood seems quieter and a little less dramatic without daily visits from cleo, her dog, sir fritz.  she has been always a source for gossip and gripes for us, toy trucks and rousing games of chase (no kidding) for our son.

i am starting to miss her banging on my door with her ubiquitous stick (to protect her little white dog from other, more vicious, neighborhood dogs and cats, according to cleo).  i am feeling sorry that one of our last conversations was her telling me that she put pesticides all over my organic garden (‘you should thank me!  you wouldn’t have a garden if it weren’t for me’).  sigh.

it seems that at the very least, cleo should get a crosswalk out of this fiasco.

so that we can walk our children safely to the playground.   so that our older neighbors can walk the three blocks without fear to Red Front.   so that this accident doesn’t just get a brief note in the DNR and then disappear into the background.

because this is about cleo.  but it is also about a general disregard in harrisonburg for anything pedestrian.

how much is a bucket of white paint?

maybe i’ll take my kid’s sidewalk chalk and go out there and make a crosswalk myself…


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Hoping Cleo gets better soon!!!

I will be looking for those crosswalks…..


Comment by Boss

What’s the current status of 1) Cleo’s health nd 2) your idea to tag your street with crosswalk?

Comment by Ginny

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