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-of public art by jgrimsrud
Sunday, 20 September 2009, 23:40
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we’ve had a couple brief, incomplete discussions on the blog about public art.

trash sculptures are gone, but in other pub-art news, an old friend, andre, is helping to construct a piece for a new park on the southeast side of town.  the design/construction comes from richmond rockscapes:




andre says the design drew from gaudi’s sculpture gardens in the barcelona hills:

gaudi reminds me of some recent art debates: we recently trekked up to the hilltops where parc güell sits, and had a little trouble reconciling the crawling tourist mass with gaudi’s socially engaged ideas (i believe the park was intended to actually house an artisanal community?)…

gaudi’s body of work & his reputation have been at the center of barcelona’s renaissance, and we definitely were happy to visit.  but the work exists now for tourists, whereas the artists/architect seemingly intend to create works that would weave their way into community life, and thereby affect and change the community (another example: the working-class school aside the sagrada familia cathedral is now a museum, rather than a place for poor families to send their kids).

anyway, i would love to see more local development bucks go toward projects like andre’s–i’ve always loved his work.  perhaps next up, a way to activate some dead downtown space into a communal space: a summer bathing pool?  a mini amphitheater? even an amphibious creature crawling up the banks of black’s run?  maybe the friendly city needs one of these guys:


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